Patent discovery, analytics, comparison, and workflow. Simplified via Artificial Intelligence.

Access all of your data and discover insights in one place. IP intelligence, country-by-country nuances, and data sources at your fingertips. Identify opportunities and easily compare complex documents to understand their differences.

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Protect your IP across data sources

Accelerate your technical insights, patent strategy, and monitor technologies with ease. Users can query, extract key details, and analyze patent data using LLMs.

Likelihood Scoring

Over 10mm+ patents from the USPTO analyzed (support for international patents coming soon!) You can input your invention with plain language (no keyword searching needed) and we will find the most relevant patents for your prior art search. These will be ranked by a relevance score.

Slice by dimensions

Country filings, keyword matching, multiple contextual determination, dates, and other relevant dimensions are available for you to adjust and filter quickly.

AI-First Workflow

Quickly discover alternate keywords that are relevant to your invention. Contextualize your application by querying years of data to see which documents to analyze. Easily see all cited documents and if they are worth investigating.

Extract Key Patent Information

Retrieve relevant snippets easily to aid speed of evaluation. Automate cleaning, merging and enriching patent claims by describing the prompt in a few words. Run your automations with 1 click.

Smart collaboration across teams

Patlytics is effortlessly adaptable, so you're never limited by what's available out of the box. It is designed to bring in different teams, manage discussions, and also have full visibility as a unit.

Optimized for the US market

Patlytics follows the multi-step procedure used by USPTO examiners which aids in the speed of search and lessens the chance of a rejection.

Built for the IP Economy

One click for proprietary source of truth, without commitment

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Designed with Security and Protection

"Data Encryption, security testing, and monitoring are implemented from Day 1 during implementation of Patlytics. The most stringent level of certification is available.

John Dover
R&D Researcher at Johnson & Johnson

“I have spent lots of time and money going back and forth.
Now with Patlytics, I can have a more detailed, specific discussion”

Sergie Kalashnikov
CTO of Series C software company

“By analyzing companies IP-first, we want to better understand the competitive landscape, how the patents are exactly different, and have another POV on what is out there through Patlytics.”

David P.
Managing Director of a Venture Capital fund